Notre école de danse – avec plus de 40 ans d’expérience – vous offre différents styles de danse répartis sur plus de 100 cours par semaine sur plus de 2500 m².

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Do you like to dance to dynamic music? If so, then JAZZ DANCE might be the right fit for you.

Jazz Dance teaches you to be powerful, confident and move with style. The versatility and richness of Jazz Dance gives everyone the chance to be carried away by the energy of this dance form.

In our Jazz Dance classes, we offer many different styles, suitable for beginners, intermediates and advanced students.
We are convinced and passionate about the traditional jazz technique, which is based on power and clean lines, while including and constantly evolving with the ever-growing movement, music and contemporary influences.

As Jazz Dance incorporates many of the same elements as ballet, including jumps and turns, its technique goes hand in hand with a good foundation in classical dance.

But don’t worry, our classes for adult beginners are designed to include dancers with no previous dance experience.

The recreational classes Jazz Kids and Jazz Teen classes are for children and teenagers (from 8 years old) who wish to take only one dance class per week.



18:50 – 20:00